frequently asked questions

1. When can I register for class?
We start accepting Registration for the fall/spring season in July and register up through January. Our Season is similiar to a school year; it starts in August and goes through May when we have our annual recital. For summer session/camps we accept registration as soon as the schedule is available online (typically March).

2. Can my child try a class before we sign up?
Yes, we encourage children to try class before signing up. We even have some used shoes that we keep on hand for children that want to try class (sizes vary). The only thing you have to do to try class is fill out the contact information on the first page of the registration form and sign the waiver of liability.

3. When we sign up for class are we entering into a contract for the year?
You are not obligated by a contract and can choose to drop your child from class at any time. We do require a drop form be completed the month prior to dropping which can be returned at the studio or via email.

4. Is there a certain dress code for dance class?
There is a dress code for dance class and it is as follows:
Tap/Ballet combo classes -a leotard and tights (skirt is optional). It can be any color. Tap and Ballet shoes. Tap shoe ribbons, if any, will have to be replaced with tap ties.
Ballet class - pink or black tights and leotard. A ballet skirt is permitted. Hair must be pulled up out of the face.
Jazz class - leotard and jazz pants or shorts. Shoes: tan jazz (lace up or slip on)
Tap class - shirt and pants/shorts that easy to move in. Shoes: tap (lace up or slip on)
Hip Hop class - Athletic wear that allows freedom of movement (sweats, dance capri pants, etc.) Short-sleeved shirts or tank tops are recommended. Shoes: converse or light-weight shoes used only for dance.

5. Is tuition less because of the Thanksgiving/Christmas Holiday Tuition is the same amount each month regardless if it a 3 or 5 week month?
Tuition is based on the total of 35 classes per year and then divided into 9 monthly payments. Money is not refunded for missed lessons for any reason. We do offer a 10% discount if you pay a full semester at one time. 

6. Can my child make up class if he/she missed?
Students can make up a missed class if there is a similar class offered. You have a month to make up the class; please speak with the teacher or office about making up the class so that we know when your child is making up a class and we can expect them.

7. Do I need to stay the whole time my child is in dance class?
You do not have to stay at the studio during your child's class; it is your preference as to whether you want to stay. Typically, most 3-4 year old parents stay but each parent is different so again it is your choice.

8. How will I get important information from the dance studio?
We send out a monthly newsletter via email. It is very important that we have your email on file (online registration) and it is one that you check regularly so that you are aware of what is happening with classes and recital events.

9. How do I know when tuition is due?
Tuition is due the 5th of each month. We accept cash, checks, Visa, Master Card and Discover. All checks should be made payable to Dance Elements. The credit card on file from registration will be charged on the 5th of the month if we have not received payment by cash or check. If you do not have a working credit card on file a $20.00 late fee will be added to your account and a past due invoice will be emailed to you. There is a $25.00 charge on all returned checks. If your account falls behind more than 2 months, you will be asked to pay your balance or a dancer's enrollment may be canceled. We encourage you to keep a credit card on file that will be used for monthly tuition payments and recital related costs to avoid late fees.

10. Where can I read more of your policies and recital information?
​You can find our studio policies on the "Register" page and we will be glad to print out a copy at your request in the office.